Training Workshops

Making a Scarf

During this workshop you will learn how to make a Nuno felting scarf. The fastest method taks only 20 minutes.

This workshop is offered an our location in Alexandria. The worksop is offered during the day between 10AM - 7PM on Tuesdays and Thursday through Sunday. Please, visit us or read on for more details on what's involved in making it yourself.

Garments by I-Felt

Light and soft scarfs from Margelan silk

You can make it yourself!

Here's what you need to make beautiful felting scarfs

During the workshop you will be offered a package, which includes:

  • Luxury margelan silk
  • prefelted extra fine merino and decorating fibers

You will need:

  • Bubble wrap (approximately 2by 0,5 yards)
  • Sander (without paper sander attached)
  • Two table spoons of dishwasher soap
  • One glass of water
Garments by I-Felt

Here's how to do it

Comfortable and elegant fabric made with genuine Margelan silk and Italian wool

  1. On a flat surface lay down bubble wrap (bubbles facing down)
  2. Spread silk fabric on it
  3. Cut the prefelt with your own design (ideas: waves, flowers, triangles etc..) size should be no less 3inch
  4. Creatively spread your prefelt cuts on the silk.
  5. Sprinkle it with soapy water (approximately use of water 1 cup, approximately 1-2 Tablespoons of dishwasher soap)
  6. Turn on sander and put on wetted earlier your designed prefelt (10 seconds on each spot) Repeat 2-3 times
  7. Turn silk up side down and use sander in this side. 10 sec each spot 2-3 times (you will notice silk started wrinkle)
  8. Rinse
  9. Iron while wet
Garments by I-Felt
Garments by I-Felt